"Not Me" Monday

Here we are once again to join in MckMama's carnival of sorts and vent some of our possible less than perfect moments or less than innocent actions. Make sure to check back to MckMama's blog and read the hundreds of other entries as well!

My "Not Me's" began promptly Monday morning when I did NOT cancel an appointment while I was on the way to another meeting just because I didn't feel like going. I totally respect peoples times much more than that and would never simply chose my "favorite" to attend. NOT me!

In preparation for this weeks holiday I did NOT completely forget to purchase any items ahead of time. Not gifts for the children or a card for my husband. I would NOT wait until the absolute last moment, going to the store at 11:45pm the evening before. I am so put together...so organized...so ahead of the game. Going to the store in the middle of the night would NOT happen here.

In efforts to preserve some money and gas I drove my sisters car to the city on day this week...and did NOT have to re-learn how to drive a manual. I would definitely plan ahead and NOT wear heals; thus making the clutch that much more difficult to use on the hilly streets of said city! And then as I dropped my sister off at her job I would NOT practically kill the car and then consequently rev the engine to get out of my parking spot as she was walking away!

My daughter Lilly has been speaking rather sassily lately. Her responses at times sound as if she is 30. So when my eldest sister realized she was sneaking chocolates in the back of the car today, and then asked Lilly to give it to her...Lilly did NOT reply, "You can't take it. It's not my candy...it's the world's candy!". I would NOT allow her to speak in such sassy tones nor would she ever speak like that. NOT my children!

While calmly eating lunch at the Museum this week, children behaving and all, we did NOT get approached my a news crew for an interview. OK...we did! But you all knew that!!!!

So that's it...join in if you like. And make sure to link back to MckMama's blog to join the rest of us!


Tanya said…
How funny, yeah, I don't allow my 4 year old to sass people either!

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