Just to fill in the gaps a bit..

Life has been moving along with almost no regard for my need for it to slow up a bit! With that things has been left unsaid, un-communicated and untold. So here I am to clear a few things up and fill in the gaps a bit.
Scott and I went on a little date last night...this was made possible by some type of "child swap" that we did with another couple. I watched their children last week...they watched ours this week, to defray the babysitting costs a bit and allow a carefree (=cheap) date.
Scott and I had previously decided gifts were unnecessary for valentines day, and instead we would stay in and just cook after the children went to bed. Since we made that decision we were blessed with this opportunity for a date. So I decided to make it worth it, and surprised him with a 30 minute massage for each of us before we went to Chipotle to eat. I know...fancy right? No...but it didn't need to be. We just needed to be able to talk and relax...and talk and relax we did. It was awesome. We have a lot that needs talking about lately.
Speaking of things that need talking...well you all know about my recent business venture. And I am sure you all saw the little tease I gave the other day. And so as I type there are pieces being sewn by a contract sewing company to determine price and things...and Friday I am going to work with someone for fabrics! Exciting for sure! But, the reality is that Scott rarely gets filled in on this because by the time he is home it just doesn't meet the priority requirements.
We had time to dream about the possibilities and talk about the possible disappointments...it was wonderful.
Speaking of possibilities...Scott will be heading back to school. He has been feeling the tug for a bit now and began the application process quite a while ago. Today he finally received his "Congratulations on your Acceptance" email. I am so excited for him. He will be attempting to complete his Bachelors degree in less than 2 years. Hopefully this will be possible with his current credits and some work experience credits.
So far so good for Finn's front tooth. It hasn't turned any odd colors or bled any more...but it still is very lose. I am supposed to be feeding him a soft diet and what not...however, I have 4 very small children and no desire to puree more food than necessary! So...he is learning to chew with his back teeth and well, if he loses it then I guess he will have a cute funny grin for some time! It's ok...not everyone is blessed with both front teeth!
And...I was on TV tonight. Today while the children, Jess and I were at the Museum we were approached while eating lunch. It was rather confusing and I wasn't really sure what was happening. The reporter just all of the sudden sat down next to me and before I knew it there was a long, small microphone at about my waist! So I went with it...the children didn't make a peep and just watched as momma talked away for about 5 minutes to this guy! The quotes that they actually showed of me were not in the correct context of when I said them, but they made sense so I am fine with that. My children looked very well behaved, and adorable! They're famous!
And for today, that just may be it!


Anne said…
Look at you...Miss Celebrity! :) I just tuned in via the internet at work! (Shhh...don't say anything!) Do you have a membership to the Children's Museum?
Me as well as all my sorority sisters watched you on tv last night. You looked great. Sylv was adorable towards the end there! She melts my heart. Glad all is going well. Miss ya and love ya.
AJ and Miranda said…
I notice the camera man was sucked in by the Sylv too! How freakin funny!!! I had to laugh
amanda said…
so um. i would totally go on a date to chipotle. yummy!
raggedy ash said…
what a hoot! love it.

here's the link to the video, with sylv front and center as the intro shot!

Ehlan said…
I saw you on the news!! I actually saw Sylvi first and said, I think that's Alicia's! Then I had to watch to be sure! How fun! :) You looked hot ;)
raggedy ash said…
oh and DUH...Congrats to Scottie2Hottie on his acceptance letter. i love watching the overby world continue to shift and shake in big, exciting ways... :)
I just followed Ash's link...you sounded great! By the way if you want me to make a header for you I will. You can just send me the photos you want me to use, and I can create something snappy for you! Let me know! <3
RunMommyRun said…
I don't know where you find the energy...my two kids are enough to drive me to drink wine. A lot of wine. :) I need to read more about what your business venture is...your fabric samples intrigue me--they're beautiful!

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