Just Off the Cuff...

Quite literally! My mom had purchased these adorable shirts for the 3 girls for practically nothing after Valentines day. And you all know my philosophy about matching shirts right? Ok...well if you don't here it is: I love to dress the children in coordinating outfits while out and about in the world. It makes it so darn easy to spot one of the four in a hurry.
Oh wait...that wasn't actually the point of this post, it was the sleeves...on the shirts...were just too darn long. For each ever.lovin.little.girl! And since one little girl, namely Lilly, was going to have quite the meltdown due to her sleeves reaching far beyond those little hands, we had to do something about it!

So the scissors met the fabric, much to Lilly's surprise, as I cut the sleeves off of each shirt. Shortly thereafter the tears stopped, never to expose a smile, but not crying.
And as it turned out each of those pieces that came off the sleeves that covered their chubby little arms, came in handy as play things.

And bracelets for darling little boys!

And headbands and skirts for little bears!


Miss said…
I love the mini skirt on the teddy! =)

I had to cut the bottom off some yoga type pants for me (about 8 months ago)..and the extra material is STILL in my house...it is the perfect ninja headband! =)
Ehlan said…
Olivia has that shirt too--it's the cutest!

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