Ramblings of a 3 year old.

Me: "Do you need a tissue buddy? Why are you picking your nose?"
Finn: (with pointer finger pressed firmly up his nostril)" I think there's something up my nose!"
Me: "I am sure you just need to blow your nose, you may have boogers."
Finn: (pushing and prodding in nostril)"It's something hard."
Me: "Buddy, don't pick your nose. It's probably just a hard booger."
Finn: "No Mommy, there's a rock in my nose!" (pushing finger even harder!)
Me: "Why would you have a rock in your nose? It's probably just a booger, please go get a tissue!"
Finn: "There's really a rock in my nose. It's right in there!" (pushing his finger again, but towards the center of his nose)
Me: (light bulb lights above my head)"No...Finn there is not a rock in your nose. That's your bone...your nose bone!".
Finn: (Pulls finger out quickly without a thought)"Oh, OK!"


Crazy! Sound fun though, having a massage. Core would never, ever do that with me. Congrats on the hubby going back to school! That is exciting, but I am sure you will be even busier!

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