Wordless Wednesday


Anonymous said…
Hey, friend! I haven't been to your blog in ages (bad me!!) but came over to see you guys. My heart is so warm!! I love looking at your life since you, as you know, are ME in just a little bit. You look FABULOUS and I loved your post about your husband, as well as all your kid photos! You rock and I haven't forgotten about YOU!!!

raggedy ash said…
YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! did i give them the mustache kit or did you pick one up? (shocker, shocker, i purchased a mustache kit on clearance after halloween this year).

i love this post!
Very cute. fun fact....I HATE THE WORD MUSTACHE! but thats beside the point they are adorable.
Jill said…
super cute.
I'm sure mom would look cute in that 'stache too. :)

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