If you've been reading my tweets for the day, you know that I am attempting to finish up our taxes today! And by finish up, I mean finish the organizer that our tax preparers office sends us before they actually do our taxes.
The only thing that is getting me through this boring task are the amazingly fragrant flowers that seat directly in front of me. It smells as though I am sitting in the courtyard of an upper class families home! The "help" just served me a cold glass of tea and the sun is beating upon my shoulders. In the background I hear the horses in their stables...hoofs stomping and nostrils blowing. The breeze is subtle but cool and I am surrounded by peaceful noise. Instead...it's just my dining room and there is a rather unhappy baby tugging at my left leg! So much for daydreaming!
Back to my taxes.


Arg....if only our imagination could actually take us there!!! Harharhar! I hope you got through it!

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