Sweet Nothings and Random Somethings..

I have been thinking a lot about my wellness lately. Part of which is my water consumption; currently my non existent water consumption. Instead I have filled that void with a completely nutritionally devoid, toxic beverage that is "oh so quenching" to my momentary thirsts!
I cannot figure out how to cut this demon out of my life...so for now...I won't!
(thanks jen for this graphic!)
Secondly, I have several friends who live sans one food or another for different reasons. One of whom you may know since I mention her blog here regularly, has gone gluten free. So I was thinking today, "maybe I should cut out gluten. I bet I would lose weight because I couldn't eat things like this (staring down at my handful of Harvest Cheddar Multigrain SunChips)!". Then it occurred to me that I have many favorite snack foods currently, that could fit the "gluten free' category and would likely find, yet another, snack food to replace my current ones!
Thirdly, I am taking a very close look at my sweet baby Pearl's diet to try and figure out this rash she has. It is perplexing me, so any hints/tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I would also take any advice as to creams/lotions/topical used to help cure a rash with open sores (to be blunt..it looks like really bad open acne!).
On a more random note: I am thoroughly enjoying my husband being home this week as he took and unexpected week off! We have a lot of things to do, but nothing that has to get done. OH so nice! We have spent most of our time speaking sweet nothings to one another while doing random somethings! What a dreamy guy he is!

My heart is beginning to skip a beat (oh wait that's wrong...my heart actually has an extra beat) every time I think about the fact that this sweet Baby Pearl is going to be 10 months old in a few short days! I mean...this face doesn't look like the face of an "almost 1 year old", does it? Oh time goes too quickly...and it's yet another reminder that I am NOT 4 months pregnant with another child (as I usually am by now)!

In other breaking News from yet another very small child in my household; Little Miss Sylvi Sue is now sleeping in a big girl bed! She asked and she shall receive! Thanks Mama & Papa! Weighing is at a whole 2 yrs 3 months old she is ready to go! So far the night and nap time today have gone very well! We will see how she fares in the long term! Oh...my babies are growing up!

And Finally with daddy home, who is not used to their daily routines, the children have decided to leave "paper trails" all over the house in order for him to find them. As if the stomping, screaming, yelling, laughing, whining, sneezing, arguing and giggling isn't enough!
"Oh yes...there they are!"


Ha! love that picture! And YES drink more water. You'll feel so much better! :)

Miss said…
haha! Great visual...and she ALMOST looks like you! =)

I am loving how you are talking about Scott latley...is it possible you have fallen in love all over again? =)

I didn't know he had a week off! seriously...summer needs to come so we can start talking again =) haha (or maybe we should just ACTUALLY set a coffee date!)
Ehlan said…
Love the paper trail...not usually hard to find the kids, is it!
Are you going to have another baby??????? The people are dying to know!!
Kimmy Kasl said…
Hi Alicia~

This is the first time I've bopped over to your blog. I doubt you would know who I am but I remember you being the lead in Music Man at CIHS. :) I was also in the cast.

Your family is darling!

I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents about your babe's rash. My 9 month old had a rash for 4 months that I think sounds similar -really red and raw looking -kinda bumpyish. It was in his neck and underarm skin folds. We were told it was a rash from yeast (by 2 Drs) but the topical didn't work. We finally found out that I was eating too much white rice(I'm gluten-free)! Since he is nursing still he was reacting to it. I was told to switch to a whole grain (brown rice instead). And the rash was gone in 4 days. The topical didn't work because the yeast started in his tummy. We were just treating a symptom -not the real problem.

I have no idea if this will help or not! But if you're nursing you could try eating only whole grains? I guess I'd get it checked out if it hangs around. It's sad when they can't tell you "It itches" or hurts, burns, etc.
I hope it's not bothering her to badly!

Sorry I'm a crazy advice lady!

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