Prepare for the sappy stuff..

This is him. The guy for whom my heart flutters...skips a beat...yearns for. Some days doesn't it just hit you? How perfect you are for one another! How you are linked at your aware of one another! Today it's hitting me. Circumstances wouldn't say that today should be the day that I am "falling" in love with my husband...I mean, he failed to wake up when I asked him kindly at 6:00am (at his request) to get out of bed....only to fall back asleep so that I would startle myself awake at 6:30am to re wake him up! This should aggravate me today (and ok..maybe it did for a moment), but his cares for me and this family go so far beyond that!
He provides in ways that I am unable to do. Although I am on the front lines every day, he is backstage fighting another battle. And I am the one who usually receives the accolades and acknowledgment for my bravery and strength. He, however, stands back and agrees; never to mention the work that he is doing.
We, like most others, lead a fairly hectic life. I like it that way. I thrive on schedules and productive chaos. I am energized when I have places to go, things to accomplish and very little "spare time"! He likes to relax and take time to notice the things around him. So, when life moves at my pace we get into a routine and stay there...for our sanity at times! We have been in a routine for quite some time now...and I think I am getting bored with it. This doesn't happen to me...hardly ever! But today, I just want to talk to him. I just want to sit and have a soda or coffee and chat. The kind of talking that lingers for a bit here, and then maybe stretches real purpose or intention other than to communicate.
All this to say, I miss him....and isn't he handsome?


raggedy ash said…
not sappy at all, just sincere and beautiful. thanks for sharing!

i'm thankful every day that you & scott found each other. and he's not exactly hard on the eyes, either... :)

big love,
ash <3

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