In the quiet..

Our Valentines Day celebration consisted of a nice, quiet night at home. And when I say "quiet" I do not mean boring, uninteresting or dull. Because quiet to us is a rare occurrence that can only be described at amazing, relaxing, uncommon and needed.

We chose to take the night and cook "in" again. We had plans to do this after the children were asleep and just enjoy that quiet time. Much to our surprise my sister and Jessi would not be celebrating Valentines that night...they would be doing their celebration later this week. They, offered to take all 4 children overnight!
Well, if you know me IRL you know that I just couldn't do that. But we did, however, send the 3 "big's" out with Aunie and Jessi to go bowling and then for a "spendover". They left about 7:00pm and with only minor whining and issue. I was told that they had a wonderful time and did very well both at bowling and at her house.

Meanwhile, back at our home Pearl decided to go to bed very early. She had fallen asleep at about 6:30pm and didn't wake until 4:30am for a feeding. So we decided to get in a workout before dinner, and then continued to indulge in our wonderful menu.
Brie en Croute
Marinated Flank Steak
Sauteed Mushrooms
Flank stead reduction sauce for dipping
Valentines Cake Balls
(written out, that sounds less than elegant!)

The beautiful flowers are from my husband and children...each child picked out a flowers (the expensive ones of course!) and then Scott filled in with my favorite Lily's and greens.

An all together great Valentine's Day in my estimation.


That is so awesome! I changed my blog name by the way!

Incase you were looking for me!

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