Children are so wise (or ignorant I'm not sure)!

So I have decided to make a change today! My children, and I'm sure yours, chose to find a much more enjoyable side to many of the things that I loathe....for instance: a laundry basket! Is it a boat, a plane, a crib or a space craft....who knows! But they are having an extremely wonderful time just sitting in it together. They also find much joy in pots n' pans, kitchen utinsels, my cleaning gloves, gardening utinsels, shovels, vaccuums large and small and much more! So I have decided to take a tip from the kiddos today! I am going to attempt to find some joy in all that I do! Here goes nothin!


raggedy ash said…
finny foo looks like such a teenager in these breaks my heart! is he getting a haircut before mex? i am, tonight actually, to avoid the potential tan lines of a post-vaca haircut :)

yr blog makes me happy.

ash did it go finding joy in all the mundaine things?? =)

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