& I thought this would be an uneventful day!

One of my worst fears has been realized this morning! My daughter, if you haven't noticed, has not had a haircut to date. She has beautful long hair and I have a horrible attachment to it! She apparently does too. I think we lucked out this time though....check out the TINY chunk of hair that was lost due to her brother putting his gum in her hair! I was able to carefully pull most of the hair out (becacuse of course it was right in the top of her head in her part...would've looked really nice with a bald spot there). So I guess my fear wasn't quite realized since the damage today was minimal...so needless to say we're done with gum for the day! Oh what a day so far! You gotta just laugh...and share the laugh with all of your friends on your blog of course!


raggedy ash said…
I totally picked a hunk of gum out of lilly's hair last night when i stopped over and I said "baby, you gotta be careful with your gum..if it gets stuck in your hair, we'll have to cut it off" and she was HORRIFIED! "But but Ani, then I won't have my long beautiful hair if we cut it off!" and on and on...thankfully, i have some practice getting gum out of my own hair and i was able to salvage all of her "long beautiful hair"...it was HI-LARIOUS though!!! glad this morning's loss was minimal... :)

big love,

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