Grief and dissapointment anyone who knows me knows what my life has dealt with in the past year or so! It is nothing short of a miracle that I can function on a daily basis if you ask me. Thanks to God for the sanity that I know comes straight from him daily....oh how grace and mercy bless me!

So on that dog is now dying. I know I's a dog...but she is the BEST dog ever. I may be a little bias but she is an 8 1/2 yr old Boxer (photo will follow) and we have had her since she was less than a year old. When we got her she was already potty trained and from the time we brought her home has NEVER left the yard. We live in town and do not ever have her on a leash. She is just amazing with the kids and has never made me nervous around any children...believe me they test her! They ride her, tug at her ears, poke her eyes and who knows where else!

Anyhow...she has cancer that is untreatable (except if we brign her to the U of M) and is losing control of her bladder! If anyone has any advice on how to tell the kids let me know! I am just at a loss...I am going to miss the company/protection terribly. But I guess what's done is done...and it will be a reality soon! But it is so sad.

Well anyway...I just needed to vent this sadness.


Rachel said…
Alicia I am so sorry. I hate that you have to go through this... is there any way you guys can have her treated? Ugh.. I will be praying for you and your kids.. I'm so sorry.

Dogs may be dogs, but they're still a huge part of your family.
Thanks Rachel...unfortunately she is too far gone and it would cost THOUSANDS to do anything.
Ok, this may seem strange, but the first thing that came to my mind is to tell them that Kia is going to live with or be with Zach. Death doesnt seem scary to kids (at least not mine...infact, Ella thinks people are so lucky when they die b.c they get to be with JEsus!) So, as much as its soooo hard for us as adults, maybe try to approach it from that stand point?
I will pray for you and Scott to know how to handle it! miss

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