Saying Goodbye to a Dear friend,

Our Dog Kia. Today is the day that I have dreaded for a couple of months now. A couple of months ago she was diagnosed with severe cancer without a time frame. We had hoped it would be able to be controlled for 6 mos. to a year for selfish reasons, but today is the day. We were going to bring her in on Sat. afternoon, but I just couldn' see she was having a good day! I know this sounds completely cliche, but if you know any of my past and what has happened over the past year or so you'll understand, but I think God knew I needed to see her on a bad day to realize it really was time no matter how hard I tried to deny it. This morning she could barely get out of her kennel, stumbled outside and then wouldn't even eat her food! SHE ALWAYS EATS HER FOOD! We have had her on the main level for about a week b/c everytime she would go up or down the stairs to her "room" she would trip and fall down the stairs. I think in the pictures above you can just see she is in pain/confused and wanting help. This is the only option we have. We, Scott & I, are bringing her in tonite to say our goodbye's. I am so pathetic...I have always said I was not one of "those" dog owners, but I had never had to say goodbye to a friend/protector that I had for 8+ years! She was here before I got married, before I moved in to our 1st house and way before we had children. She has moved down in the ranks but not in how much we love her....the kids love/cherish her. They are too young and have no way of comprehending what is going on, but I know they will miss her horribly! They will sense the change and no she isn't here, but again what to say? It's all just a little too much for me today! But for kia's benefit it cannot wait a day longer. She is just not herself and I think, ready! She really is the best dog, anyone who knows her will say that! So goodbye to my kia! We love you!


raggedy ash said…
been praying for you since yesterday. wasn't sure if i should've called, but had you, scott, the kids & kia on my heart.

as usual, things happen just as they should and i'm so grateful that your family was blessed with such an AMAZING dog.

loving you from st. paul, sister -

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