The Countdown has Begun!

OK EVERYONE! This may not be as exciting for you all as it is for me, but we are now only 2 weeks away from our vacation! UPDATE: We are going to the Mayan Palace Resort near Cancun, MEXICO...we are going from Jan. 27th to Feb 3rd! My mom, dad, sis ash, sis reg, scott, myself & the kids are all going! ALSO...our bonus is that our friend Jess is coming to not only vacation with us but also help us with naptime/travel/date nights! I can' hardly wait...
It's the little things in life that please me...I ordered a passport case that would hold all travel documents, including passports, for all 5 of us and it came! It will be perfect...I mean just imagine. I am trying to hold 5 passports, 5 boarding passes, 5 sets of luggage tix, plus 2 ID's, money and anything else needed for traveling! I am an organized person, but that made me nervous. Now it all fits in one thing! Also we had gotten (off craigslist) another smaller/travel stroller...this one is a double, and we already had our single! You see Lilly will now have 4 stamps in her passport...finn will only have 2 and sylvi will have her first! LUCKY KIDS! They are so lucky that their grandparents love to travel! THANKS MOM AND DAD!
So I am now obsessed with organizing/packing/thinking/dreaming and talking about everything that will have to be done/said before we leave. All of you who love me...bear with me!


I am pushing all my jelousy aside and saying with as much enthusiasm as my weary body can muster
"I am sooo excited for you"


I did get to go the Hawaii last year, but its funny how that only makes you want to go MORE, it in no way makes the waiting until the next time any easier!
as you know...
Iknow...we missed last year b/c I had just had sylvi...and it just stunk! Now I think it makes this year all the sweater! Maybe next time we can go (minus babies) on our long awaited mexico girls vacation! Here's hoping!!!!! Then we can be excited together!
Ehlan said…
Oh! Have fun!! I have to ask how brave you will be with a swimsuit being 7 months pregnant! I say go for it!! are funny! I have 4 pg suits...I have been in a suit everytime multiple times.! Hey I say it's the only time I really have a good excuse to "let it all hang out" if you know what I mean. I feel great preggo...even chubby and preggo! Thanks for the well wishes! We're now 12 days and counting!!!!
Jessi Lee Sanz said…
Yeah baby! 10 days holy crap! come pack for me! lol...LYLAS

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