Four 3 and under! The thought...

This is Finn with his "fairy" wings on....
Sylvi dressing up in my closet...with the only things she could reach..undies! (yes they are clean)
Crawling in cupboards!
Even Sweeping my Floor~ you can do that more often!

well today the thought of that is making me almost ill! My Children have been cooped up for far too long and are ready to climb the walls (after me as I am running away as fast as I can). I am sure my level of "issues" right now are not helping...but they are truly going crazy! They disobey close to everything we say (which isn't their usual take) and basically just run amuck all day! I have tried everything I know...we take them outside regularly, I play with them, let them help me do what I am doing, take them to McDonalds to burn off steam, visit other friends houses, have visitors over...EVERYTHING! But much to my unbelief they have resorted to wierd things...above are some of their most recent doings!


Ehlan said…
Oof..makes me overwhelmed to think about it. You should check out my friend Tiff's blog, she also has 4 under 3 (her youngest 2 are twins)
I am right ther ewith you sista!! =)

sorry I cant offer any advice, just understanding and bald spots on my head to match yours!
Look at that Sylvi--talk about your versatile lil gal! And than there's Finn in angel wings...hmmm?I WANT TO SEE POCAHONTAS TOO!

Hey you moms out there-you are doing the hardest job you will ever do and the benefits? Those same moments you share and more.I pray for strength and I DO mean strength-it's not a job for wimps or quitters!
Hats off and hands folded,
Mamma-(rhymes with grama)

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