Donald's Button

My son, Finn (who is 2 yrs old), has been asking a lot of questions lately. But his most recent has really tickled my funny bone! There has been 3 or 4 times in the past days where he has been next to me while I was typing. He will just sit as close to me as possible without touching the computer...and pointing of course...until he can no longer help himself and he touches the screen. He then proceeds to ask me "where's the donald's button?". It took me a few minutes the first time....and then I realized he was asking about a MCDONALD's button!!! Like as in Ronald in Scott's, my husbands, employer! The funny part is I think b/c Scott works on his computer at home quite a bit for work, and of course EVERYTHING has a McDonalds logo on it...that he somehow has a "donald's" button! Funny kids!


oh that is hilarious!! I can just hear him saying it in his gruff, scratchy voice!!

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