Something I haven't felt in a long time!

So do any of you ever feel buzzed/hungover when you're NOT at all! Well I do's kind of this ackward combination of being a little tired, maybe fighting off alittle bit of something, and having a headache. (oh yeah and I just blew up a beachball...ooops). I mean and believe me this isn't a feeling i have had in a long while (ok maybe a little last superbowl at the annual party we attend...heyyoooo!)....And I am not sure I like it! I feel like I am out of breath and my head is in the clouds, but I could lay down and fall asleep anytime! CRAZY! Too bad I'm all along, aside from the 3 crazy's, because I'd like to know how I am when I am buzzed. I'm sure I am hilarious and the life of the party!


raggedy ash said…
mazatlan january 2000. i was there & i remember. you were indeed the life of the party.

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