My heart overflows with thankfulness today! After passing days that mark milestone time periods (1/6/07 grandma died, 1/14/07 zach died) I have been overwhelmed with a feeling of thankfulness. There are so many things I want for my life...but am overcome with what I HAVE! I already have so many things/people in my life that I need to stop and appreciate and stop coveting the things I do not have. Here are some of the things that I am so thankful for:
An awesome God who is merciful with me daily!
My amazing husband
3 Beautifully wonderful children
A Healthy Pregnancy
A mom and dad who still are in love with one another!
Some great friends who fulfill HUGE needs in my life
21 years with my brother Zach, countless drooly kisses
26 years with my grandmother, many memories
A great home
Money enough to pay the bills, eat well & have some fun!
A loving church family

Oh and so many things that I can't point is my positives far outweigh my wants and this lesson is one of the MANY that I can thank God for bringing me to my knees to learn! You see without trials like I have had over the past year...these things would still be trivial to me...

Don't get me wrong...I really am content with my life. But my idea of contentment and God's I think have a gaping chasm between them! As with any other area of my life I fall vastly short of His expectations...but I am working on it!


wow...thats amazing. You totally inspire me my friend. THANK YOU for that

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