Eating Issues! anyone who knows me knows that I am an emotional eater! Not just bad emotions...ANY EMOTIONS! I eat when I'm happy, sad, bored, unsure, whatever excuse I can find to eat I do! On top of this I am pregnant, which is the worlds best excuse to eat. So a friend and I went to lunch to day at the best place ever,...MCDONALDS (that was is the best but only b/c it gives the kids something to do while we talk). I held my ground and had a salad, diet coke and only a few fries. I was quite proud of myself! Well now the kids are sleeping and I should be folding my laundry, but I am not, and instead found my way to the refrigerator. So I opened it up and said "hello"...and found a small tub of buttercream frosting staring at me from the waaaay back. I reached back and got ahold of it...then found a box of graham cracker and made myself a sammich! know a frosting sammich! The only thing that would make this any better is if I had nutella to put on it too...OR a sour gummy worm chaser! Oh the beauties of processed foods!

(well I guess I will try not to be surprised when I go to the Dr. on wed and gain 5 lbs)!
Ash..where are you when I need you! You would've been the perfect partner in crime here! Love ya!


Bill was JUST talking about how much he loves frosting and graham cracker sandwiches! haha!!
raggedy ash said…
i'm only a phone call away, ever.

are you on track today? let's be real al, you said you had one frosting sandwich...? ONE? i'd say you're a gold medal champ if you only had one...

i almost caved with the cheddar sour cream ripple chips (i had 3, could've had 33!)but instead, am now deciding to walk briskly 4 blocks to caribou, grab a big hot coffee and yes, spend $3 instead of eating free chips, but it will save me today... that is priceless.

we can do this.

love you big,

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