The view from here...

Well this is what I look like right now! HUGE! I feel humongous....I know I know...I am 6 1/2 months along and all, but I am carrying totally differently than before! Believe me all 3 previous have been different...but htis time my bebe belly is like right under my boobs! Wierd...b/c I have a long torso and plenty of lower room...but no this one decides to reside in the upper 1/3 of my belly! Anyhow...

So as this baby nears I am coming to the reality that this most likely will be my last (per my husbands request) and my heart just sinks! You see I am one of those of those who LOVE being pregnant. I love getting pregnant, I love being pregnant and I LOVE labor! Don't get me wrong..there are days I don't feel perfect...but for the most part I feel great and feel like this is what was meant to be for me. The Lord has blessed me in an amazing way...He has made these journeys all possible and very easily attained. The easy part is when the bebe is in my belly...the real challenges begin once the babe makes it's debut (which hopefully, for this one, will be around April 18th, 2008).

I have another u/s this week, which I am very excited for. Please do pray for myself and the babe however, as I am nervous. You see when I had my 20 week a month or so ago, they were aparently not thurough enough with the pictures of the spine and needed to get some more. They wanted to wait a month or so and then do another u/s. I have been very confident until today and am now just feeling unsure of the outcome.

Also they have been unsure of my due date since the beginning. At first they gave me a date of 4/18/08 per the last day of know what (which was the first and only since 8/2003). Then they did an early u/s and decided is what MUCH later ...a date I dare even say (May 2, 2008). Then at the 20 week u/s they determined It was more like April 26, 2008! WHATEVER! I am still saying April bear with me!


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