almost a month has gone by..

There are moments where I look at my sweet babe and think "you are so tiny (yes please don't laugh..), will you ever get big?", and then there are moments where I forget that she is less than a month old. To illustrate that I will tell a little tale: The other day I was driving with my mother on my first trip into public with only Pearl. It was great...just the two of us (and my mom) went to do a little shopping. And then my mom and I began to talk about Pearl and some new things she was doing, then I say "yes, like 3 weeks ago she was...bla bla bla", and then I realized...she isn't even 3 weeks old!!!! It's as if she is altogether brand new and months old. But nevertheless I am completely enamored by here are some new pics
We're just sitting enjoying some sunshine on the couch.
My angel baby,

The angel is getting angry!

and now sleeping and ready for bed.

My little Burrito Baby!


She is so adorable and sweet! Were all your babies big? Mine were... but not that big. :) They were all 8 1/2-9 1/2.

raggedy ash said…

i was just talking to jessi about pearl's artifical "age" when we had the kids over...she was just moving her head all around, trying to use all sorts of muscles, and i thought for a minute about setting her down on a blanket in the grass, thinking for a split second that she might start rocking on all fours... as in preparation to crawl. at 1 month old.

ani needs to get reschooled on infancy, i think :)
Miss said…
oh she is sooo cute! =)

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