Time flies

So, "what", you ask, "does someone do for almost a week that keeps them from their blogging habit?". Here's the rundown:

a birthday party for her 4 year old
a birthday party for her older sis Ash
a plan for a new backyard patio
an outing with her baby ALONE for the first time (and for 5 hours)
a dentist visit (first one at that) for her 2 oldest children
a lot of playing outside
a grocery shopping trip or 2 too many (you can only fit so much in the cart with 4 kids in it ya know)
a trip to a farm to ride the horses
a trip to Jess' new house...get the kids acquainted and have lunch

Oh goodness...and I cannot even remember...my mind is empty and I KNOW that's not it! Anyhow....(as miss said)



Miss said…
welcome back! =)

where did you and Pearl get off to all by yourselves? Did you buy anything good?
You are awesome! Super mom maybe...

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