This is why..

I do NOT nap~

You see today I tried to lay down for the first time in a long time. Why didn't it work? Because as soon as I laid down I had 2 phone calls (my phone does not have a shut off's a cheap phone)...and shortly after 2 visitors stopped by unannounced. So now I have a headache and feel like junk from a much needed rest that never came! DARN NAPPING! It's just not for me...i'd rather be tired that this.


Oh that's the pits.... I know how you feel. Hopefully you'll get your much needed rest very SOON. :)

Miss said…
You need to do two things:

buy a phone with a turn off switch (or unplug it from the wall..)

and GET A LOCK On you door! (or at least use it!)

you could also try #3: call your friend to take your kids and to set up camp outside your front door threatening all who dare approach. That would work too
Megan said…
You know what I do with my cheap phone??? Shove it under a couch cushion...Trust me, you do not hear it!

As for visitors...You should get one of those clock signs that businesses hang on theird doors that says "Will be back at_:__ o'clock!"
susanc said…
I don't know what you call it there but I take my phone "off the hook" as though you are going to call someone but you just don't dial the number...I do this still everyday!!
And I had a friend tell me to put a big note on the front door. Most people will respect the fact that you are now mum of FOUR to call back another time...well I hope.
I was hopeless at doing this I always felt so darned guilty!!

Good luck with future naps...I must admit though I just don't bother (although I do not have a two week old bub...but with my number four it just never worked!! grrr) :)

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