My baby is 4~

No I don't mean my new baby...I mean my "original" baby! My lilly is 4 today and I absolutely cannot come to grips with that. This seems altogether too long ago and far to near in the past. And now to think that I have 3 happens fast. But, as I have imagined for a while now, I will recount the activites of that day in rememberance of that amazing day. The day I became, by a birth, a parent; also the day, by love, that I became a mother.

I become a very concentrated person when in my times are not specific and truly this birth story was not all that interesting. Amazing yes...interesting no!

So I had been on strict bedrest and medication for 2 weeks and then finally went back to work 2 weeks prior to my due date. The day I went back I also had a pedicure that night and went home to relax with my husband. Little did I know the next day would hold when we went to bad that night.

I woke at about 5:00pm with contractions...showered and got ready. At about 7:00 I decided that they were definately strong enough to call in to work...wake my husband and have him do the same. We then set out on that crisp morning for a walk. My husband geared up with a stop watch around his neck...(I laughed hard about this!) and off we went into our neighborhood for a couple of hours. The contractions got stronger and closer together.

At about 2:00pm we went in to the hospital. When I got to the maternity floor they checked me and I was still a 3 (where I had been for 2 months), but the contractions were definately there. I begged for them to let us go back home and continue to walk and they allowed me to do so. She also sent some sleeping pills to help me get some rest. Well the internal definately sparked something...because I got home and took a pill and all of a sudden my contractions really began. So I am groggy and in labor now.

At 4:00pm we went back in and I was now a 5 and in labor. It was my "hero" and I doing our thing until about 9:00pm when I finally asked for an epidural. It took a while to get it and then the harsh reality set it that I am one of the 2% of people who have a block in their spine and it only numbs up on my left side. But now knowing what it is like to have and not having an edipural, I know the relief was there. From then on I was in concentration mode and at about 11:37 I began pushing.

At 11:57pm my perfect baby girl Lilly Hope was born. She was 7.7 and 19 1/2 in. long. Her coloring was beautiful...her head was perfect...her body was chubby...and her love was mine! What a beautiful I will never forget or duplicate. And now..3 more children later...she is still my baby!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Lilly Hope!!!
Miss said…
oh man...she is so cute in that picture! I love her little chubby arms=) how is it possible for her to have any chub on her when she is SO small? =)
I love your lilly...I hope you guys have a fantastic day! She is such an amazing and Scott are the best parents for her! good job on her first 4 years !=) haha
raggedy ash said…
who has 2 thumbs and is forever changed and forever grateful for beginning of the overby family 4 years ago (or as you suggested, aka the "intercourse almost 5 years ago)?

this girl, that's who.

all my love to lilly hope and her momma!
Ehlan said…
Happy Birthday! I too love those chubby arms! Good story, too!

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