New addition

And I do not mean we are having another baby(yet anyhow)!!!
We have had some big plans for this awkward portion of our backyard for quite some time now. It's a wet, nasty, dirty section of the yard that happens to be the only shady spot as well. We have a play structure back there for the kids and I have many many play dates there with friends. We also wanted another area to entertain here's what we did: We first wanted to do a paver patio thinking it would be quite cost effective...NOT! After all of the "extra" things it was going to be about $2,000.00! So we did some research into some other options. We are pretty much a DIY couple and are pretty confident we can do most things. So we thought...why not pour a colored concrete pad and then stamp it with a unique texture! So we did it and it turned out magnificent! I cannot wait to have our first Dinner out on our new patio with're all invited (if you can find us....!).

It's hard to tell in the picture, but it's textured to look like "fractured slate".
We still have to seal it with a nice shiny sealer!
Oh and BTW 3 weeks post partum...I AM MIGHTY SORE!


raggedy ash said…
shiny? like glittery?


ash - your irish twin
Miss said…
I LOVE it! I look super great...I was trying to peek over as I drove into town last night and on my walk to Ellas ballet but couldnt see it from the road (thats kind of nice!) I cant wait to see it in person!

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