Mother's Day

Here's my Mother's day rundown:
1. I was allowed to sleep in after my 6:30am feeding! HALLELUJAH!
2. My 4 wonderful children and amazing husband brought me breakfast in bed and then left me to eat in alone(even though I knew sweet Pearl was apparently "starving" as she screamed all while I ate it).
3. I was struck by the amazing thought that I have been a mother for almost 4 years now....that blows me away!
4. We decided to forgo our worship service this morning. We hung out as a family and cleaned up from the big party--will update on that later--last night. It was great...kind of romantic in a really weird way. There is something very attractive about a man who compulsively cleans!
5. Spent the rest of the day with the most amazing mother (MINE!) and my sisters at the farm. We ate some great Mexican food and enjoyed each other immensely.
6. My mother and I did a little shopping and came home with a full cargo area!
7. Came home to a quiet, CLEAN house and opened my mother's day cards.

It was a great day...I know it doesn't sound like much...but there's something about having a 12 day old baby that makes it a little more matter what happens. My husband knows what I appreciate and did an amazing job of making me feel special today. My children showed their love with cards and cute faces....I want to have mother's day more often!


Megan said…
I've come to believe that things in their simplicity are some of the sweetest.
Glad you had a wonderful mother's day and that your hubby is home!

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