And baby makes 4!

I will have much difficulty living up to the praise and presence of my sisters blog entries, but I will give an effort at least.

My beautiful babe entered the world in such an amazing way and I am so proud to say I am now the momma to 3 sweet girls and 1 darling boy! What a great family!

This experience was altogether so different and yet all the same as the 3 previous. The 3 births prior were almost identical in pain, feeling and many other things (of course there was some variation), but this was a completely different experience from beginning to end. This baby of ours began our journey by scaring me with her heart rates and giving me pain that was easily 10 times worse than any previous. And let's just say she was a little large and birthing her was also not an easy that I feared I would not finish. She then came into this world a little weak and lethargic...and before I knew she was whisked away to be taken care of by the Dr. and her staff. I was unable to see/nurse her for about 4 hours. And then finally when I did see her I saw something I was not prepared for. You see, they really didn't tell me the extent of what was going on, that she was in the Level 2 nursery, and that there were many cords attached to her. They had said they would have to hook up an IV and naively I didn't think it was that serious. But when I saw her for the first time, limp and fairly purple, an alarm sounded; it was at that point that I lost it. The alarm was just telling the nurse a lead had come loose, but to me it meant that this was real. It brought me to a reality I have never experienced before. After I pulled it together, prayed for my baby fervently and began a routine of keeping myself occupied, I was able to get back to my optimistic self. Finally the next afternoon I was able to reunite with a baby that I had only spent 1 hour with after spending almost 42 weeks caring for her inside. It was amazing...I didn't want to put her down...she nuzzled my neck and I knew again that I would never be the same. This job was 100% me; this is what I was made to do. It was at that moment that I thanked our Maker and knew that He was watching over us.

A little dramatic I the end, however, we are all doing amazing. Her sisters and brother love her with an amazing softness (not gentleness...don't get me wrong!) and I'm pretty sure she'll be smothered for the rest of her life. Pearl Patricia has once again made me a mother and I praise God for that everyday.


Ehlan said…
Congratulations! So glad you are happy and healthy and home!
Miss said…
I almost started crying!! AHAHH..I cant even imagine.

I CANT wait to hold her! =) And these are adorable pictures..especially the last one! =)
Anonymous said…
CONGRATS!!!!!! It was fun to read YOUR take on Pearl's birth. As I told you earlier, I can so relate to a sick newborn who has to stay away, connected to cords. SO glad she's doing well and you have your FOUR kiddos now!! Congratulations!!
POST MORE PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Tiffany said…
(sniff, sniff) The amazing art of delivering your child!! How awesome is that!

Congratulations mom of 4.

I know this is a little premature..but are you hoping for more?
Megan said…
God is good! So glad you are all doing well! Congratulations Alicia!! Welcome Pearl!
Tiffany, to answer your question YES! I am always ready for the next hours after the current one has just arrived! My husband is going to take some coaxing...but maybe it will happen!
She is BEAUTIFUL! thanks so much for sharing... I love hearing other mom's birth stories. It is such an amazing gift. Were all of your babies late? You said 42 weeks... I can not even imagine. All of mine have been 2-4 weeks early. :)

Talk to you soon,

Tiffany said…
Oh...and the funny thing about this picture is that I can't even tell which is the oldest. They all look like little bebe's to me.
Kelly said…
Congrats! I love her name. And, owww, 11 lbs of beautiful baby.

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