The Best things in Life are Free!

I guess that's not always true, but for the most part the below shown items fit the bill! All things below were Free and have given us much joy thus far! Take a look!

A Box...wet (from the rain) and dirty, but obviously occupied the children!

No she doesn't live in there...although you might think so by how she looks here!
An old Power Wheels JEEP. We were bestowed this great gift when Lilly was a small babe. The batteries we replaced do not hold a charge, so the kids have only played in it while moving a handful of times. But I have many photos to prove the joy they have had in this thing...and many neighbors, friends and so on as well.

Well they aren't always having a joyful time I guess!
And the Piez de resistance......A new grill! My husband was able to chose a substantial gift from his company for being on Salary for 10 years now. He chose the beautiful piece below to replace our grill (that we were gifted as a wedding present from some great friends) that had seen it's better and more safe days!



Ehlan said…
Hooray for free stuff! I love it!
raggedy ash said…
awesome post.

is sylvi not the cutest kid ever? my gosh. no adult is gonna.... just kidding. :)

ice road truckers?

okay, now this is nonsense irish twin language, i should stop.

so cute! My boys LOVE boxes. :)


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