Summer Summer Summertime!

Yeah it's summertime (little throwback to a great summer song...any guess'?).

Yes we spent some amazing time outside today just hanging out. It was a great day...gorgeous weather...and a blessed feeling. I have been a momma to 4 for a week now and I could not imagine my life any differently (well ok...that's not true..because I could imagine more children...just not less). We had, as usual, many drop in visitors. Seems that having a baby does not deter any of that, but it was welcomed and slightly refreshing.

However we are missing someone! My husband left on Sunday afternoon for a work trip to Chicago that could not be avoided. We are missing him terribly and cannot wait for him to come home on Friday night. It was his 30th birthday yesterday and he had to spend it with people from all over the country that he had just met...and at Hamburger University (yes that really is the name).
(this is scott doing his fav thing with the babes...sleeping with them on his chest...momma doesn't mind either because it free's my hands)

But as usual the kids and momma had a great time enjoying the great out of doors!


Ehlan said…
You are right, look at those cheeks! She's beautiful! I hope you are surviving without Scott!!
Miss said…
Oh you have to LOVE the cheeks! I bet you would have pushed her out in 5 inutes if it wasnt for them! =)

I love these daddy/baby photos!

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