A recent entry on a fellow bloggers' sight got me thinking (gotta give credit where credit is due MCK!).

Life is really all about perspective...and to be honest right now I have NONE! My emotions are completely out of control (well that's an exaggeration but they are kind of out of whack). So...bear with me!

But there are so many thing that I, as a mother, choose as a "battle" and so few that I choose to not have as a "battle". I consider myself a fairly "easy going" mother, but realized that when I put it in perspective the pendulum swings quite higher on the "battle" side. These may be battles with my children, my husband, fellow mothers (whom may not even be aware I am having a "battle" with them) or family; most of all I feel these battles are with myself however! I choose these "battles" and can just as easily choose not to have them.

So as if I need more things to think/pray/concentrate on daily...I am making another slight resolution in my life. I resolve to remind myself that my emotions/reactions and alike are a choice of my own. A choice that I can change for the most part.


Megan said…
Hey! I've been having the same types of things going on lately as well! But give yourself a little credit right now! Yes we do have control, but you JUST had a beautiful baby, your husbands not there and your body is restructuring itself back to "normal" (whatever that is right?!!)

So, I think when all of that levels out, and you are still feeling the way you are, then by all means, give yourself a swift kick in the hiney. Try your best now, but remember there got a lot going on! Be proud of how you are doing to the best of your ability right now! You go girl!

Miss said…
such a cute photo btw. I one of those moms you are batteling? =) haha..I can deal with it, just tell me! =0

ok, all kidding aside, this is a great post!
Tiffany said…
Oh this picture!!! Perfect for your perspective post. Love it!

And, yes, I sometimes choose to make things a bigger deal than they I will be coming together with you and your resolution to try and make a the best positive choice in every situation.

And, I'll never forget this. My husband, a few years back, drove this whole idea home for me when I told him I was offended by something someone had said to me (totally don't remember the situation--as you can tell it was a really big deal). He replied with something that has and will never leave my mind. "That's too bad you chose to let it offended you," he said. Ha. What? Well...wait, I thought. Oh, he's so right.

Thanks for the inspiration.

p.s. How's your little Pearl?

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