6 months and counting...

That's right. My baby Pearl is 6 months old today! Right about now I was laying in my hospital bed, almost 2 weeks overdue waiting to receive pitocin and excited to meet my baby. Little did I know that this would be the hardest (by far) labor to date, but ever so rewarding.
When I say that I do not know where the time went...I mean it! I feel like that day just happened yesterday...and I do not know how we got to this place. A place where she is teething, eating cereal and misc. other items that find their way to her mouth. A place where she is semi independent and I can leave the room with almost no objection most of the time.
She is and always has been an amazing baby. I call her my "angel baby", because she has been fairly easy for me since the beginning. She is determined to do the things she wants, which at this point are bringing things (including her toes!) to her mouth, drooling incessantly, pulling the hair out of all who attempt to get within her reach and being extremely lovable!
She rolls from her front to her back, coos, giggles a lot, makes small noises, blows raspberries and steals my heart on a daily basis. I cannot believe my baby is half a year old! And who wouldn't love a body like that right! Nice and snuggly.
Pearl Patricia you would make your "patty" proud and your uncle Zachy grin from ear to ear like no other! Now....STOP GROWING UP!


raggedy ash said…
holy lord of thunder...does it get any better than pearl?!?! i think not!

big love to you and the 1/2 year old today!!!

raggedy ash said…
and another thing... go ahead and glance at a before picture from right before pearlie's birth and look at yourself now. i just thought about this contrast and was BLOWN AWAY that it's ONLY been 6 months and you've regained so much physical strength and drive during that time.

you go, sista. big time. i'm so proud of you and want to be just like you when i grow up! :)
Miss said…
you gotta LOVE those jiggely boobies! =) haha
Ehlan said…
Oh I love her little chunkers! She's so beautiful!
Anne said…
She is precious...time goes by so fast - it seems like just yesterday I ran into you at the hospital during our ultrasounds!!
so adorable! I can not believe it's been 6 months... I started reading your blog days before you had sweet Pearl.


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