Another season begins

And I am not speaking of the weather....I am speaking of the life of babes. I absolutely mourn each stage that passes....and then once I am over that I celebrate the beginning of another. I have yet to get over the sadness of the current passing of "baby-ness" for my dear Pearl; I can only anticipate the excitement of the next season...the sitting up, crawling, teeth! Oh did I say TEETH! That is already beginning as she got her first on Monday Nov. 10th! And now I am beginning preparations for the next stage of food.
I don't do a lot of food ahead of time...but I do a small amount for when we are out and about or heading somewhere for an extended time. I tend to skip "baby food" per se, all together. I usually jump straight to mashed up items that are on my plate. My babe's seem to do just fine with that...and they are none the wiser that they missed a whole pureed version of what they just tasted. I prepared a small amount of "baby food" in anticipation for the coming holidays. Pearl has pumpkin, carrot, parsnip and squash ready for her in the perfect portion.
Baby's first thanksgiving here we come!

Here's a question?
What do you do for baby food? Buy it, make it, or what?
What types do you do?


Becca said…
Hey Alicia!
I've lurked around here for awhile, but you've finally pulled me out of hiding. I guess I found your blog from Melissa''s fun to keep up with folks from Cambridge! Anyway, I do a similar routine as you with baby food. Rice cereal? Ack! You might enjoy reading a different take on baby food here-

Good luck!
FamilyBergloff said…
Check out Jennifer Seinfield's cook book, "deceptively delicious".
She purees all these vegies and bakes it right in to everything!
She was on Oprah!! Good Mom's you are..and creative! I used that baby food grinder... My girlfriend from Wales did it the old fashioned way... chew and feed back to baby!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Hey! I, too, make all my own baby food. I think I've bought it once or a pinch. It's so easy to make...a little milk, a little pureed food, ice cube trays and you're good to go for quite a while!
Ehlan said…
Oh she is just adorable! She's getting so big. I have deceptively delicious too but have yet to BE deceptively delicious! I need to make some purees!

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