Matchy Matchy Mom

Oh how I thought this would never be me...but it all just happened so fast. It came...and I am caught in the depths of addiction. I am addicted to being the "matchy matchy mom". Before you go on being all "judgy" about it...please allow me to explain.

There are a few justifications that I would like to add for my case.

Justification #1 - Matching/Coordinating the children has allowed me to be a better mom! Bold and broad statement for sure but let me elaborate. When we are out and about I, at times, find it difficult to keep track of the many tiny bodies that run circles around me. So, when they are dressed in like attire in either color or style my count goes much more quickly...1, 2, 3 & 4! For, you see, I am just one person and they...well...they are 4! I am grossly outnumbered! Being able to quickly and easily keep my eye on them at all times is extremely important.

Justification #2 - I am not solely responsible for this addiction, furthermore it is not my addiction alone. Both my mother, mother-in-law and myself are to blame (the majority being on my mother). So once it started I certainly couldn't stop accepting these adorably coordinating outfits that were being gifted us! I mean..they are just so cute. People ask if they're twins certainly doesn't confuse them more to match them!

Justification #3 - They will only be able to match and coordinate for so long. There are a few factors that will make this happen. Not only will their age make them chose different clothing, thus as they grow older they will either not want to match or chose separate clothing due to taste. Secondly they are currently in the same "category", per se, of clothing. They are all under a 4T and can typically shop in the exact same department! However, once they begin to get a bit older they will no longer be able to do this, making it much more difficult or impossible to match and coordinate them without quite a bit of effort.

This is my plea...hear it out! I am not a horrible person simply because I do things I vowed not to. Anyhow, that was before I was even a could I have known? Right?


Big Ben said…
I plan to keep my kids on leashes to keep rack of them. When I babysit my sister's kids, I lose them.
love all the matchy matchy clothes. :)

4under3 said…
That's so funny! It's ok! Being a Matchy Matchy Mom is cute! I love matching the three girls. And I agree, I blame it on the grandmas. They got me started too.

Jody said…
Hey Alicia,
You are so right, the matching doesn't last long, So go ahead and "match while you can!"

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