I began planning a party about 12 months ago. Not literally,no, but planning the events that would need to happen in order for me to have a party. Before the party planning could begin there were some issues to resolve. That meant a pastor had to resign after almost 20 years and a congregation had to heal. Big task to be sure. But I know that all things are possible through Him and I began to pray. Soon we were on our way.....meeting together as a committee, discussing our plan, reviewing resume's and making sure we were following His will.
Moving quickly at times and not so at others, a process began to take shape. It began from nothing, for we had no idea what to expect. We simply threw ourselves at the task, whole heartedly, praying for guidance and knowing in the end we would see His plan. So down the path we went, listening, and following to the best of our human abilities.
And then it came....a decision. It was in one accord that we, as the selection committee, decided on a man. It was in unison with not only our God, but with a unanimous congregation that we welcomed him into our home. When they accepted my heart rose to the top of my chest, knowing that all of the late nights, time away from my babies and sleepless nights were for the cause of good. And that was why I had this long planned party. To welcome Pastor Ryan and his family to our Church. WELCOME!!!


and now I'm hungry :) Congrats on finding a new pastor, I know how stressful that process is and I pray this works out the best for you guys!!
4under3 said…
Oh Alicia!! Yummy! You did so great! It looks like you should be the one bringing me a meal. Chef O.

And, I think you passed the head cold on down this way.

I'm going to try to sleep it off.

Are you through with yours?

No ma'am I am not through it yet! It is a lingering little's almost a bit more stuffy now and not so "head in the clouds" though...that's good! A momma has to have her head on straight! Sorry to hear you're under the weather now...yes sleep it off! Good one heheheh! A momma of 4 little ones...sleeping it off hehehehe!
Ahh, you domestic goddess. I would've opened a bag of chips. Congrats on the new pastor. We might have to come check out your church, as we are searching :)!

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