Holiday Shmoliday

Who needs em? That's not really what I mean. But after just returning from the store I realized something. As the children and I were walking through the beautifully decorated aisles and row after row of glittery, shiny decorations for our Christmas season.....What about thanksgiving? I realize that now that all Hollows Eve has passed that stores have just bypassed Thanksgiving. I know I have noticed this before...but not in the same sense as I did today.

Because you see we are increasingly aware that our finances are tighter than usual, and the padding needed for an American holiday season just isn't there. But that's what brings me to for thankfully in this holiday that isn't at all what it's about. And furthermore, thankfully neither myself nor my husband are looking for a "typical" American holiday!

What do we need? We need 2 special days. One that reminds us of all of the amazing gifts, blessings and trials that have been bestowed upon us through time...specifically the past year. One this day we need to be surrounded by family and/or friends. We also need to sit down to a meal. Not necessarily a fancy one or an extensive one. It needs to be a gathering around the table of family. That's it. That's what we need and that we will have....abundantly (might I add).

We also need another day or two that we can reflect on a birth that forever changed our lives. We again, need to surround ourselves with family and friends. Gifts? Really there are not necessary....but we can use them to teach our children lessons on giving and receiving joyfully, the obligation and joy in giving things to those who need it more than we and an overall show of care and love for others. Do we overdo it? Absolutely. Do we strive for a different typical than that shown at the store today. Yes.

Thankfully we don't need a "typical" American holiday season this year. Because...we don't want one!


Gardner Momma said…
I love your post today, incredibly insightful - really beautiful actually. My hubby and I don't have the finances this year for a "blow out" holiday either - but who cares? We've decided to go back to the basics. We're seriously thinking about doing things like stringing pop-corn and cranberries - give the kids some memories other than opening presents. Of course there will be plenty of cookie baking and decorating and of course talking about what these Holidays mean to us and what they're truly about. I would love to find a charity or family in need that we can help out - something tangible that my kids can see. I just love this time of year, whether we have money or not.
Ehlan said…
If it wasn't for a new baby coming very close to Christmas time and my not doing much at all, I would totally be going back to basics...Well, I guess we are back to basics because we're doing a tree and not too many presents! That's pretty basic!
Anne & Chad said…
I completely agree with you. We're doing a tree and that's about it - I was even thinking about skipping a tree this year. (but I could never do that!) Finances are definetly tight in this household too.
Anonymous said…
I love these thoughts Alicia - I agree with you...I've "noticed" how early Christmas decs start popping up, but never put as much thoughtful consideration into the fact that means THANKSGIVING is a bit overlooked. Two words that should never be overlooked: Thanks and Giving.
Mommy said…
Wow - I am so happy I read this blog. I wish I could help my husband understand that I am just stressed about the holiday and what it all means. I want to give joyfully, but I personally don't need a thing. My children should enjoy a nice, not extravagant, Christmas - but the important part for me is to be together! (and not having to go to the office helps too.)
Agreed. What is so amazing is how we have lost sight of the meaning of the holidays. My family was reminded 4 years ago when we lost my brother on Thanksgiving Day. Now we never forget the bond we have as a family and how we have each other to make it through the rough times.
I read an article in the Star Tribune today where they asked 6 actors in a Christmas play (amongst other questions) when the last time they went to church on a Christmas. 3 didn't know, one went last year, the others were several years ago. Have we lost the meaning of the holidays? Doesn't that say it?

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