There's a first time for everything..

Well probably not everything! I am a adventurous, take things as they come kind of person...but seriously..not everything!

Anyhow, this week marked a "first" occasion for a number of things! Here they go:

Pearl got her first pearly white (pun intended hehe) this week...Monday to be exact! We were sitting in the..ehem...McDonalds Play place enjoying ourselves when I got a sharp bite to my finger...and then I said "Oh...she has a tooth!". There were several others there who looked at me and smiled as if this was my first "first tooth" experience! Little did they know...

Also as previously posted we experienced our First playable snow day of this season. It was great...the children were hilariously excited for the 1/16 of an inch of snow that they had to go play in! They wanted it all too. The whole kitten caboodle. Hats. Mittens. Snow pants. Winter Coats and Boots. But this was also the first time I had gotten all of these things out. Feeling a bit unprepared I remembered how I had so neatly nested them away last year and knew...just knew that I would find all correct sized garments neatly hung in their appropriate "hanging space bags" (LOVE these things) with the accompanying hat and mittens neatly tucked in the sleeve. Wrong! I did find most things as I had left them...however Finn's feet were larger than anticipated. Lilly and Finn had gotten taller than anticipated and Lilly had a missing boot! Other than that...we were set! A few minor adjustments and out we went. Check out the photos if you missed them!

This first will not be as heartwarming as the previous. Because recently I have had the luxury of going on my runs outdoors. Granted it has been 30+ degrees and I have had a nasty cold...I have taken them with pleasure knowing the doldrums that I will come when I must retire to the basement treadmill. There have been times however, when I have run out of Kleenex and my sleeves will no longer suffice as such that I have had to resort to the dreaded....duh duh blow! something that as a child, I said I would never do! But...alas I eat my words and I do it when necessary. THEN today, as I was not able to get outside, I trotted down the stairs to my "exercise area" and headed for the treadmill. I hopped on and got going. A short while in I stopped dead in my tracks to realize I had just done a farmers blow on the carpet! Completely shocked and disgusted I got off to clean it up! What was I thinking?

Also as seen in a previous post, I began making baby food this week. This is the first for my sweet babe Pearl....and it could be the last for any baby! We'll see!

And finally...another first that warmed me to my very core! I was in the kitchen tending to breakfast when I was struck by a magnificent sound coming from the other room! It was Lilly...for the first time...serenading Pearl and playing "Patty Cake" with her. Lilly is smitten with Pearl, do not misunderstand. She is just smitten in a more understated way...unlike Finn who gushes love to her almost every waking moment! So to see Lilly, not only singing, but playing and appeasing Pearl was just great. And as a bonus, it kept Pearl busy for a good few minutes so that I could finish up the scrambled eggs, WW English muffin and watermelon breakfast!

Oh and I almost forgot...the "first" that made me think up this whole post. In over 2 1/2 years of nursing my children...I have not once fallen asleep at the "wheel", so to speak. It's not me. I am on duty when feeding and that's that. That's not to say that I haven't closed my eyed or dosed for a second...but this week I completely passed out while feeding Pearl in the middle of the night. I still have no idea how long I cradled her there in my rocking chair in the living room. I presume it was a good length of hour or so. It's a good thing I hold her so tightly..because she hadn't moved and inch! Pheww....



4under3 said…
[I just hit a wrong button and completely lost my whole screen. We'll try this again.]

What a great first post. I laughed with you at the Mck D's playland onlookers.

And, I thought of you the other day when someone commented about my carsick tweet. She implied that I might be prego. I thought to myself, "only Alicia might possibly be more excited than me if that happened to her with 4 children already."


p.s. What is a farmer's blow? I'm from the farm and all, but I must have missed that term, right along with flanked. ;)
Gardner Momma said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier - I am absolutely amazed that with 4 children under 4 you still find the time to run. I used to have a great sitter, but we moved to the country and no one wants to travel this far to sit for me!! And (as I whined in my post) it seems as if my hubby is never home. I actually LOVE winter running.... before I moved my running pals & I would just wear the cleat things on our shoes and bundle up, they are some of my fondest memories I have of running. Keep it up! You have inspired me today and people like you remind me that I really have NO excuses. But thanks for letting me whine anyway!
By the way, I LOVE the farmer's blow reference, hilarious!

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