"Not Me" Monday

And on and on it goes right? I am back to share a few things that I did not do this week. Please be sure to join in or just check out the hilarity that will ensue as you read at MckMama's site.

I did NOT cry again this past week while dropping my 4 year old, Lilly, off at preschool. I mean come on! She has been in preschool now for a couple of months at 2 days a week....you do the math/...I am very accustomed to doing this by now. I would definitely be over it, and am not one of those moms!

While at a friends (thankfully a good friend) house this week I definitely did NOT miss it when my recently 2 year old daughter decided to disrobe.....and take her poopy diaper off on her own! I did not actually catch the excrement in said diaper before it plopped to the carpeted ground. I watch my children much more closely than that and would never miss such a thing!

This past week while attending a small get together at another house I did NOT completely overstep my bounds as a "guest" and as said person if I could try on the dress she was wearing! Well...to be fair she wasn't wearing it, she too was just modeling it for us to see (by request). It was at that point that I would NEVER say "oh can I try that on?" as if I lived there! That would be a bit rude and presumptuous. NEVER!

On my date with my husband this week we did NOT get a little crazy with out freetime. We did NOT step into Best Buy, head straight for the camera section and proceed to take some photos of ourselves as gifts for the next person who happened upon them. That is a little childish and I would NEVER be childish...I am a mother of 4.....not childish!

On a run this week I did NOT pee my pants a little bit as I simultaneously coughed and blew my nose. I have way better bladder control than that and definitely wouldn't admit if I didn't!

And on that note...I'm going to call it quits! Remember to check out others' stories too! It's a great release to know that we all don't do a lot of the same things!!


Miss said…
I am pretty sure both of those things happened at MY house!! =)

and the second one...not over stepping your boundries AT ALL. You were just letting me know how comforatble you are here !=)

speaking of which...you better borrow the dress and necklace! =)

oh, and, super good idea of taking pictures of yoursleves! =) hahahahaha
Gardner Momma said…
Oh my gosh - it took you sneezing and coughing to pee your pants while running? All it takes is for me to BE running to pee my pants - and I only have 2 kids (+1 on the way).
That's the OTHER reason they invented maxi-pads.

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