Look ahead

I know I have so many things in the past to blog about, update and relay information. But I cannot help but be elated at this upcoming Thursday evening. This Thursday is set aside for my sweet, dear husband and I to spend together on a date. Not just a little date either...we are actually taking a good slice of time and spending it a ways away from home. We will travel about an hour from home to go to dinner at some fancy shmancy (or something like that) place and then follow that with a movie. The movie doesn't start until 10pm so it's going to be a late night, but as he so kindly reminded me, "it's not that much later than if we were just at home!". He's right! So I again, am looking ahead to a wonderful, long awaited, much needed date with my husband!


PSYCH..... I saw that picture of scott sitting in my dorm courtyard reading the Gustie weekly and thought that you were finally bloging about the trip you made down here a month ago!.....:) bummer to see that it wasnt. I can't wait to see those pictures. anyways, Im glad to hear tha tyou and Scott are going on a date!! Whooot whoot. :) Have a great time. oh and yea....give those babies all kisses from me cause Im missin them like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah! have a great time!

So important to do these things (Matt and I never). I wish you guys a kickin time!
Miss said…
I have one word:



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