Mama said there'd be days like this...

There are sometimes that my days fly by with ease, comfort and patience. Today was not one of those days! So as I accomplished the almighty feet of creating the "twilight zone" as I call it (that means all 4 children are asleep at the same time) I decided to try and self medicate a little. I started checking blogs. That's just what I do...I reach out an arm to the outer world and look to those who are doing the same for some kind of support, resemblance or sharing. And wouldn't you know that the first blog I popped into was about the exact thing I was trying to escape. Chaos....crying...whining...BABIES! But as I usually do...I read on (oh and the title had a candy name in it!). Finding that she had been using this new technique that I hadn't EVER tried....I thought "well this can't hurt. I'll just try this myself!". So I did!

I opened the cupboard, found the ingredients and began this self soothing exercise. And I have to tell you, it is doing me wonders. As I sat down in my favorite spot I gathered together a few necessities. Here is the cast of characters:
My laptop (to write this blog of course)

My Cup

A favorite catalog

And my TimTam's
And let me tell you, I just found these at the store today. Have any of you ever had these? I had them in Australia years ago and my dear friends there have sent me some since, but they now carry them here! And you have to dip just have to!

Oh sorry I was drooling here it is! My self soothing tactics. Thanks for the tip!


Miss said…

I need some self soothers today if do say so myself! =)

And, I LOVE these things...what store did you find them at??
what are you trying to do to us?!! I am having one of those days. I had a snicker bar that I was going to give out as a prize to a student for a coloring contest.

I ate it.

So, I had to go to the store and replace it. But, in my defense, it was just sitting there on my messy, paper, conference material filled desk staring at me.
4under3 said…
No way!!! You linky linked me??!

I'm glad I was some sort of support for you. Just think what we could do for eachother if we were neighbors! Some day. In heaven perhaps.


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