Wordless Wednesday

First "playable" snowfall


raggedy ash said…


i had no idea there was gonna be that much snow on the ground today. awesome!

beautiful pix al.

Korey said…
What lovely pictures Alicia...but it couldn't be too hard to photograph such BEAUTIFUL children! :)

I've been using Photoshop CS3 and absolutely loving it...what are you playing with? Hey, do you scrapbook?? Just wondering as you have some fabulous pics of those kiddies and just seems like the thing you would do with them. I myself enjoy scrapbooking, but have not really found the time to do it lately.
4under3 said…
Oh yes! Doesn't playing in the snow make a mama squeal??

It does me. Even though we haven't been out it in yet today.

Love the pictures. Especially the last one. Little pumpkin doodle!!

Megan said…
My kids went out too!

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