Snowflake Parade

that, however, did not have any actual snowflakes! It was Saturday night, it was cold and crisp, but no wind and no snow. What would you do on a night like that? Well, thank you for asking, we went to a parade. We have gone to this parade, that runs straight through our little town, many times. But this year the route changed. Much to our favor might I add. The new route ran smack dab in front of my sisters house! What could be better? A parade before us, a private restroom behind and many things in between! Also "in between" was a hot dinner, courtesy my sister! This doesn't happen often. You see...all she has to do to come to dinner is get her and Jessi out the door. For us to come for dinner we have 6 of us and many more mouths to needless to say, we were grateful for the invitation and awesome soup!

The 3 "bigs" were delighted at the thought of a parade...but weren't sold on the whole "no candy" thing. Since the parade was at night there was to be no candy. However, there were a few kind souls who still shelled out a piece or two for the children.

My sister also had a fire pit in her front yard for us to warm our...well...our hands of course! And Jessi set up a small fundraising venture. She was selling Hot Drink for Homeless Youth. It was a hit! Before the parade people were lined up to get their beverages. And all those dollars go to a great cause!
What a great memory! These are the things I love doing as a family with our children...things that pictures will reignite. When they ask questions like "Why is Pearl in daddy's coat?", we can tell them of that wonderful evening.
Thanks Ash and Jessi! It was an amazing time!


raggedy ash said…
saturday night was honestly one of the highlights of my year. having you & the fam over made me happy in the deepest nooks of mi corazon. as i said, if i can repay you 1/10th of your kindness and hospitality, i'd be doing alright.

te adoro.
I was there, but we did not have the hospitality like you did! We ended up at the Pizza Pub.
THanks for the nice message the other day. I need to be better at praying my way through the tough times. I have been in a spiritual rut since we left our church a few months ago. I need to find some guidance and a church!
Megan said…
That sounded like a great evening!

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