"Not Me" Monday

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The end of this week boasted temperate climates and sunny days. This wasn't the case in the first days of the week. So...of course this is when I chose to bring my children out of doors for some fresh air. In doing so I did NOT allow Lilly to continue wearing snow pants that are far to short on her for "ease of operation". I, furthermore, did NOT allow them to strip themselves of their gloves and hats for a moment just to see how cold it really was (it was 4 degrees without the windchill...and it was windy and dark). I am far too careful and they would definitely believe me just by my word when I was telling them just how cold it was.
A dear friend watched my children on Wednesday as I stepped out to a meeting. She proceeded to encourage me to take my time, go shopping, stop somewhere..ANYWHERE..just relax. With an offer like that I definitely did NOT hop straight in my vehicle after the meeting, head henceforth back home as quickly as I could possibly get there, because gosh.darnit I just missed those everlovin.little.chubby.cheeks! I completely understand that my sanity depends on some time off and would NEVER pass it up!
While trying on a little black dress for the wedding last week I did NOT feel like I actually belonged in that dressing room for a moment. I mean...the whole trendy store, hip hop music, youngster vibe and all. When the clerk asked to see the dress I, furthermore, did NOT proceed to flaunt myself out of the room knowing full well I loved that dress! To make the situation even more unbelievable, my sister looked at the tag...and I swear that dress was NOT only $5.50 from $79.99! NOT EVER!

After having an amazing super bowl party last night I would NOT just leave the dining room floor a mess, anticipating the arrival of a little vaccum cleaner (aka: my parents dog Gracie) in the morning. I am much more of a neat freak than that...this would NOT be acceptable. And then upon Gracie's arrival I would NOT realize that she wasn't interested in some of the leavings on the floor. A bit later in the morning, after I had NOT cleaned it up upon realizing she wasna't going to, I did NOT see this.

And then see this:

I would NEVER allow my children to eat from the floor...and certainly would NOT allow a 9mos. old baby to eat cheesy popcorn at 8:30am! I am much more concerned with her nutritional intake and cleanliness than that!

And to conclude I have the best "Not Me" of my week.
While having a day away to shop for some fabrics and spend some adult time with my Sister and Jessi I did NOT break the law. While traveling in Northeast MPLS I did NOT take a right onto a Parkway that I thought was 2 lanes separated by a median...only to look to my left quickly at a really cool little shop sign. I am such a careful driver that I of course did NOT then almost careen into said median, but quickly correct myself into the left lane. Then I would certainly not continue on in that lane believing that this was the 2nd lane on my side, only to quickly realize (as Jessi and Ashley are saying "Right, Right, Right" in the back seat) that I was NOT in my lane...and in fact facing directly into oncoming traffic. But as I said, I am careful...and even if this did happen I would quickly.correct.myself only to laugh at the situation moments later!
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Not sure what movie or where the quote is from. Brad has demolition derby shirts that they had madea while back, so i dug it out and just copied what was on the shirt...their so called name is the lake prairie destroyers and on the back it had that quote... haha thatnks for commentin on it.

how've you been? I miss ya! love ya and take care. :) -Ko-cho
Okay, whatever it is your going to sell? I'm buying it. I can't wait to see what it is!!
I hope you do come to Zumba sometime! I am not going to be there this week, but next week, i'm in!

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