An air of sadness

This is what I am feeling today. I feel like the world is aching today...or maybe it's just my world. I woke up feeling "normal"...feeling fairly happy and content with my wonderful life. And as I sit here with my ice water, looking upon the newly snow-covered ground, I hear the song "I AM" in the background.
It hits me big time....that's all we need to know. But why isn't that good enough...EVER? It's not as if sometimes I feel I even get it right a little...He is so much bigger than me and still I don't get it. Where is this sadness coming from? Is it the snow covered ground when I was hoping for a springy day? Maybe it's the fact that I hear my 3 beautiful children playing contently in their rooms and know that this is too about to change. It could be that there is a huge change occurring in my family as sister has found love and this has meant her recent "disappearing" in my daily life? Is it just a combination of all of this? Is it the sad state of our nation and how we are so self absorbed by our own lives that we do not see the "world" dying around us? I know this is part of it!
I know this feeling I have is a conglomeration of a lot of this plus more. My real question is how long will it last? Hopefully moments until my dear children or someone special lights up my life. Because truly all I really need to remember is that He is the great I AM.


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