Photo mania

I have noticed that the majority of my previous recent posts have been picture upon picture of my children! I know that I love them dearly and I think their pictures are "practically perfect in every way", but I also realize that not all of you think that. So I apologize for bombarding you all with these completely un-humble plugs of my children.

They are pretty great though. Ok that's it!


Bridget said…
I love seeing pictures of your kids!!!
4funboys said…
I thought your photos were SOOO precious... especially the pokadots!
Megan said…
well you know, we love lookin' at our kids!! Have a great day!
Ehlan said…
I love the pics also!!
ok, either you NEVER look at my blog and see the 1,000,000 pictures I post

or this is some suttle way of telling me you dont like that I post so many photos of my kids on my blog!

Either way, I love when you post the pictures of your kids! =)
Anonymous said…
Oh, plug away! That's what we mama's do! (But, yeah, I also know what you're talking about....I can get so wrapped up in photos of my kids, too!) I really ESPECIALLY loved your Easter photos...the girls' hair was DARLING!! Can't wait until Maisie's gets longer so I can do more things with hair!!

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