yes...another easter post!

The kids are experiencing some wonderful COTTON CANDY!

Cute dresses courtesy of my mom..Thanks mom!

That's really it...just a post to share the kids' outfits for the easter celebration! In typically Lilly fashion, however, we had just gotten home from church so tights & shoes come off IMMEDIATELY! Finns hair had "fallen" and sylvi was her usual cute self! What a great day!

Following this we had a wonderful ham dinner and banana cream pie for dessert! It was delightful!


I love your girls dresses! How cute!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE their dresses! where are they from! so cute! =)
Ehlan said…
I ALSO totally LOVE the dresses!! BTW, my mom ran into your mom today and your mom told her she had been reading my blog...that is so great! :) I love that!!

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