Potty Update

Because as a mother, we always talk of our childrens accomplishments...and to be honest thier "potty" habits. Well Finn has officially been in Potty Training 101 for a week and I think he has graduated to 201 for sure this week. We had a couple of accident free days last week and are working towards all accident free days! He is doing wonderful I think...we have even made it through several outings with no accidents! So "yeah buddy"! I can't believe how easy it will be to have only 1 in diapers for a short time; I haven't had that luxury since my first child.


raggedy ash said…
i love how you can take joy in the small things, al. "only having 1 in diapers for a short time..."

short time = approx. 10 days.

LOL :) (regi style)

~A to the hizzo
yeah Finn!!! I love his undies!! =)

How are you>? still sad??
Bridget said…
im completely in love with the undies...where can i get myself a pair?!?

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