MIA... I know!

In action is right....I've not been the least bit quiet or still while I've been away (by away I do not mean away from my life as usual, just away from my dear, sweet, amazing blog life). My life never ceases to slow as the season directs me. It seems when life around me slows mine is the first to pick up to mach speed. Why?

Well I guess I'll never know, but in my absesnce here I have been doing much. Watching children (mine and others alike), shopping for spring duds for the children, planning our babies (well 16 mos. old's) dedication at church, attending many "service" meetings at our church, showing up for way too many Dr. appts, planning events for our easter celebration, welcoming out of town (overnight) guests and much much more! This is all atop the usual cherades of life...yeah you guessed it cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, laundry yada yada yada!

Well y'all! I'M BACK...so hopefully I can keep up with everyone and get some new information on my dear blog!


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