Amazing children

I am daily amazed at the ability my children (and all children) have to soak up information like a "sponge" all the time. As you all know I am blessed with a 3 1/2 yr old (lilly), 2 1/2 yr old (finn) and 16 mos. old (sylvi). As one may imagine there is not a whole lot of time to sit and teach skills, letters, numbers, colors and whatnot. So we do what we can and I beg myself not to fret from day to day. The recent events have entered me into a sharp downward spyrall...what is it you ask? I had to register lilly for preschool! YES preschool....i am in shock!
I have always been pretty confident that their ability to be sponge-like would serve them why am I so worried? Both Lilly & Finn can do most of the alphabet on their own....they can count to 10 (not perfect all the time...but close most of the time) and sometimes beyond. They are not super proficient writing names or things, but they like to try. Lilly tries to say the letters of her name...and usually does very well. But what I am trying to say is....I am about a month 1/2 away from delivering yet ANOTHER baby and cannot imagine that after this major event happens I will have much more time to spend "working" with my children. Will she be ready?? What is ready?
OK (calming myself down) I know she will be fine...Lilly really does have a lot of smarts and will catch on very quickly, but....
Ok...does anyone have any tips? Things that work for you and require relatively little time for prep?
MY BABY IS GOING TO BE GOING TO SCHOOL IN THE FALL....CRAZY! That makes me feel a little old too!


I know it sounds silly, but in my education class my professor talks about how kids using educational computer programs...really help boost their learning at that age. Like cartoon based such as dora or sponge learn numbers and letters. Just a thought... but im not a mom...its all what i hear from my classes! gluck and i cant believe she is old enough to be going to pre-school!
raggedy ash said…
good idea, koko! maybe you should take mom's desktop, al? she was talking on sunday about loading up kid's games on it...

i would say continue to make sure reading & books are a big part of their lives. even if they "give up" reading later in life like some adults i know do, they'll need that foundation.

and also, apparently with the state of economic affairs in the world, your kids will prob have to be fluent in mandarin by the time they go to college so maybe just gloss over the english basics. :)

have a great week! i'd love to hear from you & the kids if you get the urge to call!

big love sister,

and p.s. you are old. crochety & old. :)
read what I just wrote on my blog! It will not help you in anyway in regard to teaching her, but maybe it will put your mind at ease! =)

When did you decide to do pre-school? are you excited? where is she going? TALK TO ME! (we need to go have coffee...if only I would stop canceling!) =)
Miss, that's almost as if to say "if only life would stop happening..." I'm sure we'll have great luck with that.
Megan said…
Yeah, so I am also signing Brady up as well, and it seems reeeaally creepy! But I am so excited for him! Less excited for my self!

We'll be some proud mamas though after their first day when they say they had such a great time....!

Right there with ya sister!
Ehlan said…
Wow, preschool! That does make us seem old (I say us, because we are the same age after all, even though I'm not there yet!!) I don't know your children, but I am sure you are doing an amazing job and Lilly will do AMAZING in school!

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