Because life is too slow

Hair all a muss, but hey those are big boy underpants! Never a cuter hiney I have seen!
I have chosen that today is the day we begin Potty Training 101. There are those who say He may be too young, (maybe, we'll know after this week) and those who would say I will KNOW when he is ready! I think he is ready, surety is not there, but I think he is. He is 2 1/2 now and has begun trying to take his own diapers off when he is poopy, he tells me when he has pooped and lays down for me to change him and other things alike. This to me says he may be ready. Why today you ask? Well I have agreed to watch another child this week Mon - Thurs. and thought since I am stuck at home anyhow....what a better time right?
So it's 9:15 am...underwear have been on since approx. 8:00am and the count is as follows:
Accidents = 1
Pee = 1
Poop = 1
We're off and we'll see! Wish me luck everyone!


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