The great "fall" of China china hasn't fallen, but I have (and I feel as large as china; does that count?). So for each time I am pregnant I have a fall or two, usually down the last 3 or 4 stairs on my hind end. Nothing to bat an eye at, just sore the next day. My muscles feel completely useless right now. I have now fallen 3 times in one week. Today's fall being the worst (MOM I am fine!), but not the most embarrassing that's for sure.

Let me take you back to a wonderfully relaxing bath I was having. When expecting I love to indulge in a super hot, long bath about every 3 days. While doing this I also follow the bath with a shower to "cleanse" really is quite a process. None the less I love it, but have often wondered about the horror stories I hear of people in the tub who fall and have to get the Fire department to come and help them out (my father is a fire fighter and tells me all kinds of great stories), or have to sit there for hours until someone finds them, but not once have I ever thought about being caught IN the fall. So lo and behold this exact situation happens to me...MORTIFYING if you ask me. I am going to step out of the tub, slip, and land in a very awkward position. In my opinion my mutterings were quite quiet and I still am not sure how my ever attentive husband heard me, but he did and came to my rescue. I had not yet moved due to my utter shock and embarrassment; furthermore all I could do is laugh...REALLY HARD (anyone who has ever been/see someone preggo knows that when you laugh other "things" move). Completely embarrassing.

2nd story: This time all alone I carefully walked the garbage out to the garbage can while carrying a box of Morton's salt, sprinkling as I go, to thaw some of the glare ice on the walkway before my friend arrived with her young children. At the end of the walkway..."phew" I had made it..UNTIL i got to the garbage can that had small piles of ice, which looked like snow, surrounding my path. Before I knew it I was on all 4's and the salt box had saved my chin from crashing into the ice/concrete and possibly damaging my mouth/teeth. Also embarrassing, but even more painful the next day.

Third story: This brings us to today, normal wonderful today. I was very tired from furniture shopping all day, along with the "Easter activities" noted in the below post. As I walked into the kitchen to gather ice water cups to wash, my son decided to quickly back up. This in turn caused my R foot to catch in the L leg of my sweats and I went down hard. Almost all of my "china like gerth" landed on my R arm and then my L. My belly hit a little* but nothing major and my head was about 1/2 inch from a very heavy duty doorway! Seriously, had I hit that with either my shoulder or head I would be in the ER! After crying for about 2 minutes (I think more out of being scared) I realize that tomorrow is going to be an interesting day with, what I think will be, a useless arm and sore muscles!

* Just to clarify I made sure to look for all possible signs of something wrong...NONE were present and the baby is moving, as usual, like crazy! Sometimes being a little "soft" can really help out~


at least you didnt fall all they way across a packed full Mcdonalds play land!! =) haha
I love that you compare yourslef to China !nice.

You didnt tell me you had fallen before I came over the other day!
Bridget said…
Im glad your ok, but trust me your nothing compaired to China...have you seen that place!!!! :) Hopefully your not too sore today!!!
Oh I am sore..believe me! It's so embarassing (really only to myself) to be pretty fit prior to pregnancy and then feel like I am completely useless, muscle-less, fit-less while pg! WHATEVER!
Ehlan said…
OH NO!! How annoying...I hope you were fall-free over the weekend!

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